Music Video Concepts

Ok guys, I think I found The One to shoot my music video! Huh? What was that? When will I stop the shameless plugs of The One? I didn’t quite hear you. Did you say, The One?

I’m all excited now.  The director and I set a shoot date and I will invite you guys down to the set before it happens. Now the fun part begins…planning the video concept.  I’ve been on youtube checking out some stuff, old and new, to see what’s out there. Do people still watch music videos? YES, but they watch them online, and that’s exactly where I will be.

There are so many different directions we could go with the visuals to this song. I’m trying to decide if I want to go simple, just me and the song, or bigger with a cast.  Here is a couple of my favs – simple & fancy:

What do you think?  Simple or fancy?

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