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My buddy asked me why I hadn’t posted any of my music on my blog. I told him it’s because I wanted to start anew. I don’t want to be defined by what I did before, I want to look toward the future and build from my current position. He said, “yeah, yeah, yeah, but we still love what you did before. So quit playing and post your music, girl.”

So, I decided to post it. Here it is…

Click here if you would like to download some of my songs on iTunes:

That’s not all though. When I was looking around for links to satisfy your insatiable desire to download my music, I found out that I’m listed on How cool is that? Check it out:

Um, yes…I’ll be filing that under MOTIVATION.

I am working on new music, and it’s only taking longer than I hoped because I have an insanely busy schedule. Just stick with me…I have things in store for you guys!

I appreciate those of you who have been watching and listening from the very beginning! Thank you! thumbnail

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