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Family Feud by Jay-Z and Beyonce

  This is Inspiration on 2 Billion. Jay-Z put out his new video for “Family Feud” on Tidal today.  Can I tell you that I was glued to my computer watching the magic that was unfolding in front of me.  The video was directed by Ava DuVernay, and I haven’t experienced this kind of inspiration from […]

On The Run Tour – Jay Z & Beyonce

My website is becoming and I don’t even care! These two are dominating the music business and iLOVEit! Earlier today, the couple announced a joint summer tour that will cover 16 cities in the US – starting in Miami on June 25, and winding down in San Francisco on August 5. A portion of […]

Beyonce 2004

This is one of my favorite performances of all time. I wish I had been the choreographer. Can you believe this performance was almost 10 years ago? Beyonce has definitely paid her dues, earned her stripes, and worked for her position as the Queen Bey in pop culture. Nothing but love and respect! I read […]