15/14 Days Until Our Wedding

We spent most of the day and night on the freeway Friday, so I’m combining my 15th and 14th days.  I will likely combine many days since we’re on the 2-week home stretch now! I’m sure I will be far too busy to post every day, but I will put up vids as much as possible! Thanks for following along. I’m having a lot of fun with this! xoxo, Khaliah

16 Days Until Our Wedding – Hair Dresser and Tailor

Special thanks to Kendra at Just Hair Salon, and Ramona at Love & Lace Bridal and Tailor! Look up both in Irvine, CA!

17 Days Until Our Wedding – Place Cards

If you like the song in this video, download “Get to Know You” here.

18 Days Until Our Wedding – Guest List

This guest list though!

19 Days Until Our Wedding – Gym

Mind, body, and soul…