Are You Crazy?

Have you ever known someone who lost their mind? Have you ever had a conversation with someone who was completely crazy? A crazy person will make you realize how boring it is to live within the confines of normalcy. Who wants to be normal? Regular? Average? Not crazy? Maybe we’re crazy, and I like it. Without the crazy, we’re just ordinary, safe, traveling through life on a straight line. The twists and turns make it interesting…taking the risks, going for broke, believing the crazy. If you talk to someone who has lost touch with reality, you will find a certain freedom in their warped perceptions. They are not trapped inside the boundaries of correct or proper or expected. They are able to live and think freely, feel freely….love freely. They are not perfect in their deliveries, they say what comes to mind, they act on their instincts, they allow the words that make no sense to tumble from their lips. They are crazy. They are free. They don’t play the songs perfectly, they are free. The don’t write the words perfectly. They are free. They scream with spontaneity, they dance at the wrong times. They smile for no good reason. They love with vulnerability. The world says they’re crazy. I say they’re free.


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