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SISTERHOOD • Anthem – “Ooh Child” (Featuring Regan Aliyah, Chika, Tiffany Gouché)

I LOVE THIS video and song from Girls Who Code. Great job to the musical artists, production team, and all of the powerful girls!

New Music from Khaliah & Francois Dean

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I wrote HOME ON CHRISTMAS with Francois Dean to celebrate the joys of family during the holidays.

10 Reasons to Download “Moments” by Francois Dean

1. Francois can really really SING
2. Francois can play keys like no other
3. He wrote, produced, sang, mixed and mastered his own song

Khaliah at Disneyland

I’m writing a new song with an old friend tonight and all I can say is there is no feeling like the feeling that comes from doing what you were born to do. Many of us are blessed with many skills, diverse skills, necessary skills. However, that one skill which comes naturally from your soul […]

Thinking about You

OH how I love what  Tori Kelly does to this song (originally by Frank Ocean)!  I’ve watched it on youtube about 500 times and still almost throw my computer starting at mark 2:52!  She goes IN on this song.  The beatbox is a nice touch too.  Check it out…and listen to the WHOLE THING!   […]