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On The Run Tour – Jay Z & Beyonce

My website is becoming and I don’t even care! These two are dominating the music business and iLOVEit! Earlier today, the couple announced a joint summer tour that will cover 16 cities in the US – starting in Miami on June 25, and winding down in San Francisco on August 5. A portion of […]

10 Reasons to Download “Moments” by Francois Dean

1. Francois can really really SING
2. Francois can play keys like no other
3. He wrote, produced, sang, mixed and mastered his own song

The Best of Me

When I like something, I repeat it. I eat the same dish every time I go to the Cheesecake Factory: Herb Crusted Salmon, substitute the asparagus for spinach. I have a daytime perfume and a nighttime perfume. I’ve used the same moisturizer on my face since I was twelve. When I like something, I repeat […]

Are You Crazy?

Have you ever known someone who lost their mind? Have you ever had a conversation with someone who was completely crazy? A crazy person will make you realize how boring it is to live within the confines of normalcy. Who wants to be normal? Regular? Average? Not crazy? Maybe we’re crazy, and I like it. […]