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29 Days Until Our Wedding – Hair

Wedding Hair  

Throwback Thursday – Khaliah Ain’t Misbehavin

Khaliah, Khaliah Ali

This was one of my favorite performances of my career!

Sunday Night Movie – Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal

  This is the long version of Smooth Criminal and was so much fun to watch again!  To my surprise, I enjoyed the lyric captions too.  At first I thought the captions would get on my nerves and almost changed channels, but I ended up liking them because I learned the words to the song […]

Throwback Thursday – Khaliah Music on

Khaliah Music

My buddy asked me why I hadn’t posted any of my music on my blog. I told him it’s because I wanted to start anew. I don’t want to be defined by what I did before, I want to look toward the future and build from my current position. He said, “yeah, yeah, yeah, but […]

Beyonce 2004

This is one of my favorite performances of all time. I wish I had been the choreographer. Can you believe this performance was almost 10 years ago? Beyonce has definitely paid her dues, earned her stripes, and worked for her position as the Queen Bey in pop culture. Nothing but love and respect! I read […]