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Natural Hair

One of the fun things about being women is doing different things with our hair. Nothing wrong with a weave, wig, some color, or extensions to change it up from time to time! But I have to say, there is a special beauty, strength, and truth that is attached to a person’s natural hair! I’m so […]

16 Days Until Our Wedding – Hair Dresser and Tailor

Special thanks to Kendra at Just Hair Salon, and Ramona at Love & Lace Bridal and Tailor! Look up both in Irvine, CA!

19 Days Until Our Wedding – Gym

Mind, body, and soul…

23 Days Until Our Wedding – Workout

Let’s get it! If you like the song in the video, download “ENERGY” here.

Wedding Shoes

Ok, let’s talk about shoes. Like I mentioned in my last countdown video, I would like to wear flats on my wedding day, for the ceremony and the reception.  I would love to wear something like this: The only thing stopping me from wearing these is that my grandmother would probably disown me for having my […]