50th Anniversary March on Washington

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If you want to catch a live feed of today’s historic event and you’re not near a TV, NBC is hosting it here:


I’ll be back later with my thoughts.


This is not a political blog, so I don’t want to get too deep with it, but I will say, I wish I had been at the March on Washington today. It was 50 years ago that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his historical speech, and there is a Black president in office to celebrate his memory! How awesome! I teared up a couple times because I felt like I was living to see a important moment in history, and I was watching all of my role models celebrate a man and a movement that did so much to change the course of American history. That was special to me, and I’m glad I watched.

Quite frankly, we haven’t heard another speech like Dr. King’s since. We haven’t heard a speech that defined and era, called us into action, and gave us hope for the future the way “I Have a Dream” did for our parents. I thought most of the speeches today were boring and uninspiring. They said the same things we’ve heard 100 times, and discussed the same issues with no clear vision for solutions. I have never heard President Obama be so blah. Maybe my hopes were too high, but I was disappointed. When his speech was over, I had this strange feeling that things would get worse before getting better.

One thing that I noticed missing from the presentations today, was young people. When I say young, I mean 40 and under. Remember that Dr. King was only 34 when he delivered this monumental speech, so where were the Dr. Kings of today? Why weren’t we represented? There are plenty of issues on the table that my generation has dreams of changing for the future, and there are plenty of young leaders out there who would have been honored to stand on the shoulders of Dr. King. Are speakers not considered seasoned until 50 now?

All in all, it was ok. It was wonderful that the celebration happened, and there were an estimated 100,000 people there to support. Maybe in 2063, everyone will think today was as monumental as the March on Washington of 1963.

How will I help deliver on Dr. King’s Dream? I will share everything I’ve learned with anyone who wants to know, and put it into action. I have been blessed with extraordinary experiences, and a strong circle of mentors and role models from all walks of life. I feel it’s my job to help lift as many people as I can into better situations with the information that I have. Yes, there are people who have fewer opportunities than others, but there are ways of creating your own opportunities, and I know how. I will contribute to a better future by teaching what I know, sharing information, and helping people better themselves.

How will you contribute?


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