10 Reasons I’m Not Writing About Solange’s Fight with Jay Z in the Elevator

1. I JUST wrote about how Jay Z and Beyonce represent the American Dream. The American DREAM! Did Solange just have to kick us all back into reality with real-life family drama? Plus, this is Khaliah.com, and it’s getting a little out of hand with all the Jay Z and Beyonce posts!

2. Truth is, this is a sad and embarrassing situation, and I feel terrible for laughing, so that’s why I’m not writing about it.

3.  The Internet has exploded with tweets, blogs, and memes about Solange’s crazy chick flip out on Jay Z in the elevator, so you probably don’t need another one from me. Besides, I don’t want my site to be a source of laughter at their pain. People should be ashamed for laughing at stuff  like this:

On the run from solange tour


Toy Story Solange

Solange memes

4. I might have a crazy chick flip out side that you don’t know about, and I’m keeping it secret until I catch you in an elevator.

5. I’m not writing about what happened because if nobody says anything else, this might just disappear. Isn’t that how celebrities do it? Just act like it didn’t happen and go jewelry shopping.

6. TMZ is evil and I don’t want to encourage their antics by watching or posting their video on my website. Have you seen the extended version?

7. Solange’s dress and Beyonce’s hat with the net veil were the real stars of the show, so I’m writing about the hat – I’m ordering this one I found online.

8. I’m still trying to convince myself that this was some twisted publicity stunt to promote their upcoming tour.

SCENE 8: TAKE 1: Jay z and Beyonce On the Run – elaborate black tie event – knock down drag out in an elevator – exit party with straight face – leave in separate getaway cars.

9. Why didn’t they leak the audio?????!!!!

10. The final reason Im not writing about Solange’s fight  with Jay Z in the Elevator is because I’m not even entertained by this kind of tomfoolery. I only watched it one time and that was because I saw it by accident when I was researching cameras and elevators and fights and Solange and Jay Z and Beyonce.

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