10 Reasons to Download “Moments” by Francois Dean

Francois Dean_Moments

  1. Francois can really really SING
  2. Francois can play keys like no other
  3. He wrote, produced, sang, mixed and mastered his own song
  4. He is an independent artist doing his thing without a record label
  5. He is a true timeless artist who will continue to give music lovers great music
  6. His song “Moments” is about love, not the club (or twerking)
  7. He is a person with an extraordinary story of falling down and getting back up stronger
  8. He’s passionate about music, not fame
  9. His heart and soul are full of truth and love
  10. “Moments” is his DEBUT release and he has several more hits to share after you download this one

Click one of these links to Catch the Moment:

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Connect with Francois on facebook.com/Francois.dean  &  Twitter @francoisdean



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