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In 30 days, I marry my love and my best friend,

Francois Dean.


Martin Luther King Day – Better America

Khaliah Ali

I had to explain Martin Luther King Day to my 5-almost-6-year-old daughter yesterday, and it was not easy. She has just reached the age where she can understand that some people might treat her differently because her skin is brown. It broke my heart to see the look on her face when I told her about Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, and the bus boycotts. Some may say that she’s too young to know about some of the awful history that we come from in America, but I think it’s best that she learn it from me before learning it from someone who doesn’t care to protect her feelings.

As I said in my previous post, I plan to use my talent as a contribution to the movement that is happening right now in America. Like Martin Luther King, we are still fighting discrimination, police brutality, poverty, and inequality. There is no way that I can be silent and carry on when so many people are suffering. My music will speak our pain.

If you’ve never heard me RAP before, buckle your seat belt before you listen to this song. I grew up on hip-hop and rapped with my brother as a kid. It feels good to express my pain & frustration through hip-hop music.

Peace, Khaliah


Khaliah Music in 2015

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It’s a new year. I remember the whole build up to the year 2000 and the Y2K craze from 1999. It felt like the world was suddenly going to morph into spaceships and flying cars due to the turn of the century, but nothing happened. Life continued as usual. However, something about going into 2015 feels different. The world feels different. It feels like we’re on the brink of a major shift.

A lot of things being highlighted in the media and entertainment industry seem trivial to me at this point because there are so many important issues plaguing our communities, our country, and our world. I feel the need to expand my vision as an artist and not be locked in a box of any type of “image” to support my music. I want to freely express whatever I have to say at any given time, despite how it may conflict with the perception the public has of me. I cannot sit around, sing party songs, make up choreography, distract people or BE distracted from what the heck is really going on! Look around people. Find a way to speak your mind through your art, your gift, your presence, your service, or whatever you have to offer to make a difference in these times. That’s exactly what I plan to do this year.

The first song I’ll be featured on this year is called BETTER AMERICA.  You can download the track as well, record your verses and upload the song to your social media pages.  Here’s the link: Better America Download.



New Music from Khaliah & Francois Dean

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I wrote HOME ON CHRISTMAS with Francois Dean to celebrate the joys of family during the holidays. Family may not always be by blood or lineage, but can be established by love, acceptance, inclusion, understanding, care, and support.

Have a wonderful holiday season with family, friends, and the family you’ve made for yourself.

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Francois is releasing his debut album in December. Watch out for it – it’s truly amazing work – written, produced, arranged, and performed by him.

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Many thanks for supporting our music!

Happy Holidays!