Catch The Christmas Spirit!

I have a new song for your Christmas Playlist! I wrote Catch the Christmas Spirit with my husband, Francois Dean, who also produced the music. You can download or stream it on all digital music platforms. It’s also the opening song on an Amazon Prime movie called “A Holiday Change.” Enjoy!


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Throwback Thursday – Khaliah Ain’t Misbehavin

Khaliah, Khaliah Ali

This was one of my favorite performances of my career!  So much fun!

You can see the full video on my youtube channel :)

Special thanks to my starting place, Music Theatre of Wichita!

Khaliah Signature

Khaliah at Disneyland


I’m writing a new song with an old friend tonight and all I can say is there is no feeling like the feeling that comes from doing what you were born to do. Many of us are blessed with many skills, diverse skills, necessary skills. However, that one skill which comes naturally from your soul should never be ignored. Don’t ignore it, don’t sit on it, don’t let it sleep. Use it, share it, spread your joy from it. You are meant to share that special gift with the world. EVERYBODY has a special gift and we all need each other’s gifts. Step up, and don’t be insecure about it.

I was talking to a girl today who said her mother has worked at Disneyland for 13 years, so I told her I used to sing at Disneyland with my band at the Tomorrowland Terrace! It’s a small world afterall! hahahahaha! Ok, I know that was corny, but anyway…I found a review of me and my band online. Check it out here.

Maybe your special gift will not make you a celebrity. Celebrity status is not the ultimate mark of success for all of us. In my opinion, the ultimate mark of success is using your talent to it’s highest potential. Your unique gift is not simply for selfish gain, it is to be used to add light to the world. What is your gift? Ponder that.


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