Catch The Christmas Spirit!

I have a new song for your Christmas Playlist! I wrote Catch the Christmas Spirit with my husband, Francois Dean, who also produced the music. You can download or stream it on all digital music platforms. It’s also the opening song on an Amazon Prime movie called “A Holiday Change.” Enjoy!


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Martin Luther King Day Parade in Los Angeles

My family and I spent the day at the Kingdom Day Parade in Los Angeles, honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It was everything I hoped it would be when I woke up at 5:30am! I filmed this video so I could preserve the magic and bring some of it home to you. Enjoy!

Throwback Thursday – Khaliah Ain’t Misbehavin

Khaliah, Khaliah Ali

This was one of my favorite performances of my career!  So much fun!

You can see the full video on my youtube channel :)

Special thanks to my starting place, Music Theatre of Wichita!

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My Nylah is 5 Today! Happy Birthday Baby!


All I can say is time flies! Everyone told me to enjoy my baby because she would grow up before I could blink my eyes. That is the truth. I cannot believe that Nylah is 5-years-old today. I had to pull out my pictures and reminisce. There are so many more pics I’d like to share, but you’d be looking at thousands of pictures. So, here are a few of my favorites of the birthday girl…

collage 1-web

Collage 2_web

Ny Collage

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Nylah, I love you more than anything in the whole world. You are my special gift from God, and I’m so humbled and grateful to be called your mom.